Murphy Who?

I’ve done stuff. Comedy writing, journalistic adventuring, illustrating, music & video-making, and most notably: pranking the funk out of Wisconsin Governor, and 2016 Republican presidential derpful, Scott Walker. Remember that shit? I posed as a multi-billionaire Koch brother, got Scotty on the horn with ease, and let the corrupt megalomaniac ramble for twenty damning minutes. That was funny.

ran for Congress, too, for some fucking reason. That was also kinda funny—especially when I bought my incompetent opponents’ eponymous dot-orgs to satirize their dot-coms.  I also “[e]xplore[d] the ethical frontiers of political parody” by volunteering for my Republican opponent’s campaign.

Aside from being arrested for filming a cop at a National Organization for Marriage hate-rally, and subsequently doing a brief prison stint on a trumped-up, dildo-related public obscenity charge, I haven’t been up to much.

Every once in a while, I go back and read some of the crazy things I’ve done, like the time I crashed the grand opening of Ken Ham’s Creation “Museum,” that time I canoed to Canada and back to test border security, or that time I received hundreds of death threats—this is depressing.

Professional troublemaking is a pretty thankless game. I should get back into business, though, and I guess that’s why I have this website.

Send me empty, though vaguely homoerotic, threats of violence via FacebookTwitter, or e-mail.

My work has appeared at Salon, the Daily Beast, Politico Magazine, AlterNet, the Progressive, the Buffalo Beast, Crooks & Liars, Free Inquiry, and various unread blogs like this one.