“It’s not total shit”

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SO I wrote this book a while ago…

It’s basically a compilation of “greatest hits” I wrote for the BEAST between ’05 & ’09, strung together with an admittedly thin & derivative sci-fi narrative. The original title was Cuba, New Mexico, which I frankly like much better, but I made this cover (for some goddamn reason), so FUBAR it remains. That’s kinda the idea here—to put this thing out there, for posterity’s sake, warts and all.

It’s not total shit (that’d make a great blurb), and some of the “greatest hits” were actually regarded rather highly by respectable literary types at the time of their publication, but as a supposedly “finished” work it has definite flaws. It could benefit greatly from a thorough copy-edit, I’m sure, and probably from a total rewrite. That’s what we have here: a somewhat regrettable first draft. However, I’m never gonna fix this thing, and it’s just been taking up space on my hard drive for about six years, so here it is in all its ugly, pretentious, poorly spelled, dubious glory.

Read it. Or don’t. It’s only 122-pages. It also contains some original artwork & reporting which hasn’t been published before (like the time I landed a gig writing speeches, for a totally insane Buffalo-area Tea Party douche, professional hypnotist). And, most important, it’s free.